Oct 14

Building Natural Ponds – The Launch

It has been a busy week. The cover of my new book, Building Natural Ponds has been finalized and Amazon is now listing the book for sale.

This website was also launched this week. Please book mark it for future updates on the book and more articles on building ponds.



  1. Pat

    I so wish your book was available sooner. I have just purchased a Tennessee home with a huge spring fed pond that is full of promise, but has been mowed to the edges, and is full of some horrid blue dye. I am so excited to get it turned in to a wildlife sanctuary. Please tell me that your book (which I have pre-ordered) doesn’t advocate pond dye, and shows other methods for algae control. I have searched the internet extensively, and almost everyone touts this dye, and disparages duckweed. I cringe every time I look at my unnatural body of water, and have no idea when this color is going to go away. It’s hard to believe a small packet of dye could affect such a large body of water so profoundly.

    I would be so happy to proof-read an advance copy of your book. 😎

    1. Robert Pavlis

      Unfortunately, the printer is in control over the release date – It was written months ago.

      I don’t use chemicals of any kind. Algae is controlled by plants and microbes, not chemicals, pumps or filters.

      You will probably enjoy joining a new Facebook group: Building natural Ponds You will find several articles about building natural ponds there.

      Thank you very much for pre-ordering the book.

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