Dec 20

Water Lilies: Hardy and Tropical Water Lilies for Ponds

Water lilies (Nymphaea species) are extremely valuable to the pond. They not only look great and flower well, but the floating leaves provide shade, eliminating the light needed by algae. They also provide a hiding place for fish and other water creatures. Water lilies should cover half of the open water space to help maintain a balanced ecosystem. They do best in quiet water, so keep them away from fountains and waterfalls.

Water lily, tropical blue, by Robert Pavlis

Water lily, tropical blue, by Robert Pavlis

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  1. Robert Turland

    Robert — thanks for this post. I have a (new) water feature that is 3 feet by 4 feet surface area and over 36 inches deep. Do you think this is big enough for a (small leaved) tropical lily? Location Guelph.

    1. Robert Pavlis

      That is certainly large enough for a smaller one.

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