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Media Kit for Building Natural Ponds

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Description Of Building Natural Ponds

Typical backyard ponds are a complicated mess of pipes, pumps, filters, and nasty chemicals designed to adjust pH and keep algae at bay. Hardly the bucolic, natural ecosystem beloved by dragonflies, frogs, and songbirds.

The antidote is a natural pond, free of hassle, cost, and complexity and designed as a fully functional ecosystem, ideal for biodiversity, swimming, irrigation, and quiet contemplation.

Building Natural Ponds, by Robert Pavlis

Building Natural Ponds is the first step-by-step guide to designing and building natural ponds that use no pumps, filters, chemicals, or electricity and mimic native ponds in both aesthetics and functionality. Highly illustrated with how-to drawings and photographs, coverage includes:

— Understanding pond ecosystems and natural algae control

— Planning, design, siting, and pond aesthetics

— Step-by-step guidance for construction, plants and fish, and maintenance and trouble shooting

— Scaling up to large ponds, pools, bogs, and rain gardens.

Whether you’re a backyard gardener looking to add a small serene natural water feature or a homesteader with visions of a large pond for fish, swimming, and irrigation, Building Natural Ponds is the complete guide to building ponds in tune with nature, where plants, insects, and amphibians thrive in blissful serenity.


“Building Natural Ponds is a must-read for anyone who wants to use environmentally sound practices to create their pond. This fascinating and informative book will help you understand the ecosystem in a pond, show you how to build one that uses the power of nature for maintenance and help you enjoy your pond more.”


  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: New Society Publishers (May 9, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0865718458
  • ISBN-13: 978-0865718456
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds


Available as a soft cover book.

Bio for Robert Pavlis

Short Bio

Robert Pavlis is a well-known speaker, and educator with over 40 years of gardening experience. He is the author of two books, Building Natural Ponds, and Garden Myths and publishes the popular gardening blogs; and As the owner and head gardener of Aspen Grove Gardens, a six-acre botanical garden, he grows 3,000 varieties of plants.

Long Bio

Who am I?

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, which has a US zone 5 climate and have been gardening for more than 30 years – I stopped counting at 30! I am a Master Gardener and speak about gardening at many local gardening events and horticulture meetings. I contribute the ‘Plant of the Month’ articles for the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society, write articles for some local newspapers and teach several courses including a 20 hr Gardening Fundamentals course at the local university and a garden design course through the city.

I publish two weekly blogs called and as well as a YouTube channel called Garden Fundamentals. In addition to Building Natural Ponds I have also published a book called Garden Myths.

A few years ago, I bought 6 acres of land and have been developing a large private garden called Aspen Grove Gardens. We now have about 3,000 perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.

I am a plantaholic!

I have a background in chemistry and biochemistry which allows me to research topics and understand the underlying science behind things. Once I understand the topic it is then my task to present the information in an easy to understand style that is both informative and fun to read.

My gardening philosophy:

–          Understand the ‘why’ in everything you do.

–          Look to nature for answers – mother nature already knows how to garden.

–          KISS in the garden; KISS = keep it simple stupid.

–          Bugs and diseases are part of life – learn to live with it.

–          Organic gardening works – too bad ‘organic fanatics’ mislead the public.

–          Have fun – or stop doing it.

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Interview Resources

Interview Topics

  1. What design considerations are important for creating a natural pond?
  2. Why did you write your other book, Garden Myths?
  3. What criteria should be used for selecting pond plants?
  4. Why do normal ponds require a pump and filter when natural ponds don’t?

Sample Interview Questions

  • How does a natural pond keep algae from growing?
  • Should ponds be installed near trees?
  • Do you always need a liner?
  • What role do bacteria play in a natural pond?
  • What happens to the fish in winter?
  • Can you swim in a natural pond?
  • How do you control pH without chemicals?
  • I’ve heard that frogs can’t live in a pond that has a liner. Is that true?
  • How often do you empty your pond?
  • Can you have a natural pond with a waterfall?